November 12, 2020

We’re now official member of SME4SPACE!

The aim of SME4SPACE is to voice Space SMEs’ viewpoint in a coordinated way and to facilitate the access of SMEs to space activities in general and to ESA and EU programmes in particular.
More in details, the organisation pursues the following not for profit purposes:

  • defining and defending common positions, representing the SMEs towards public authorities i.e. the European Space Agency, the European Union and its related agencies;
  • organising seminars and information sessions;
  • organising a network of SMEs in order to increase the possibilities to cooperate;
  • carrying out research projects, participating at National, European and International calls in space and related activities. In particular the task of “Dissemination and Exploitation of Project Results” (under the voice “Impact”) suits very well the characteristics of SME4SPACE, being able to provide an added value thanks to the large number of SMEs it represents as well as the wide geographical coverage.
SME4Space logo